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Stretch Couture

Hi, I’m Sonya Z. Phillips

I wear a lot of hats. These hats serve a bigger purpose and power—to equip me to be the best Fashionista I can be. No two people are alike. The world is waiting on your creation. Let me help you tell your story through FASHION.

Stretch Couture was born out of necessity because as a plus-sized young adult I struggled to find formal wear, swimwear, and even Halloween costumes.

At 20 years old I started mending, altering and sewing my own clothing with only the skills learned in a 7th grade Home Economics Sewing Class. I started my business by creating fashion for my family and friends. For me that meant FREEDOM! I began to make money on my terms and I didn't have to punch anyone's clock to get paid! I made more money in one night selling my outfits than I made all week working at a shoe store. I traveled the world as I built my brand.

During my career I studied Couture Fashion Design with Marc Jacobs. Now my passion is to teach others the lost art of sewing and to cultivate the talent of aspiring fashion designers. I want to offer you that freedom that changed my life forever.

"I am an artist that can sew, fabric is my paint and the catwalk is my canvas." -Sonya Z.

Let's chat if...
You are an aspiring Fashion Designer.

You want the FREEDOM to express YOUR ideas through Fashion.

You want FINANCIAL FREEDOM to save or earn money by bringing YOUR Fashion ideas to life.

You want the FREEDOM to set your own schedule and meet clients on YOUR terms.

You want the FREEDOM to spend time with your FAMILY and loved ones.

I am only accepting five new 1-on-1 clients


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Private FB Group to connect with other members of the Stretch Couture FASHION FREEDOM Community

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Showcase YOUR Brand at Curated Fashion Events

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